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one, two — one, two June 16, 2008

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one, two — one, two

The end of the year brings on testing — both finals and regents. Doors are closed and signs are home in to get a quiet environment of the students.


Looking backwards and forward May 29, 2008

Parents of fifth grade students met with the middle school team to discuss the children moving into the ILCS middle school. The parents and a few students toured the middle school lockers. A few of the parents were once students themselves. . . not to long ago.


On your mark, get set May 20, 2008

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The ninth graders are doing a poster presentation in Lake Placid on Thursday, so they have spent the past few days getting ready.


Taking a look May 8, 2008

Ms. Currier made another intriguing window display with seedlings that are growing. The third graders are logging the growth patterns of the plants.


I’d like Flipper for 100 December 1, 2007

Indian Lake Central School has a new Distance Learning room and program. Here a student has just gone on a virtual field trip with his Marine Biology class and now they are reviewing with ‘Game Show’ type challenge.

Photo by Ms. L. Bennett


Ten more reps

One of the most popular classes is weight training taught by Mr. Reynolds. At the end of the day it gives high school students a chance to unwind and burn energy all at once.


Skakespeare November 14, 2007

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Students in Mr. Clark’s Social Studies class were assigned to write a poem that chronicle a period in history.