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Flower power January 30, 2008

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Teacher v Teacher, Mentor v Mentee. First Ms. Harrington had her ‘art flower photo,’ now Ms. Arsenault has provided a picture

Photo by Ms. Arsenault


Everyone rise January 29, 2008

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And say the pledge.


And the day begins

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The day begins with the Pledge of Allegiance and announcements. These are presented from the office by a member of Student Council.


Bump, Set . . . spike, then liberal amounts of Ibuprofen January 28, 2008

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Once a week adult volleyball (organized by Ms. Pine, guidance counselor secretary) takes place in the gymnasium from 7-9 p.m.


Tricky Juniors

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The juniors are gearing up for one of their biggest fundraisers: Tricky Tray. Tricky Tray is similar to a Chinese Auction. Items are donated and placed on a tray to be viewed. The class is hoping to have at least 200 trays at this event. Contact the school if you are I interested in donating a tray.


Educating the educators

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Monday was a superintendent conference day. The topic? effective teaching.


(X + Y / 3) * 7 = b good January 24, 2008

Students who would like some math tutoring can make use of the after school class that is taught via the distance learning lab — with a tutor from Newcomb.