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Manipulatives October 23, 2007

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Home and Careers Teacher Ms. Brand learned about a lesson where if you give the students the chance to move their hands, they remember. Here the students are going from Pints to quarts to Gallons, by writing the numbers in shaving cream. Even if the students didn’t remember 2 pints = 1 quart, 4 quarts = 1 gallon, they will remember that day in Home and Careers.

Photo by Ms. Brand


Between lines

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The reading teacher, Ms. Currier, helping out a first grader. There is a group of first graders who are already reading and using the Accelerated Reader Program. Kids enjoy the program mainly because they get to use the computer to take a reading comprehension test.


Happy Birthday

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Lockers can be a form of a greeting card in the school. Messages are taped to the lockers as well as happy birthday greetings.

Photo by Nicki Blanchard



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The rehearsals go on for the production of “1771.” On Friday there is going to be an evening production, but in the afternoon there will be a little teaser production for the grades 5-12. Ironically, for the cast the production before the school has created the most anxiety/excitement. More pix here