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100 percent effort, 100 percent of the time

Boooooooooooo — boom boom October 31, 2007

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Halloween is always fun, at ILCS at about 3:06 p.m. there is a parade from the school to the FireHall. There the children of the town are treated to donuts and there is a contest for best costumes for various ages.Go here to see a photo page


Cowgirl Currier

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Reading Teacher Ms. Currier is one of the most creative teachers in the school. On Halloween she dressed up as a cowgirl and read western stories,while playing western music in the background, to the Kindergarten students and the Pre-K.


Cut ups October 30, 2007

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The school has a mentoring program. Each Adult Mentor is assigned a couple students. They do various things together, with the intention to give students someone they feel comfortable with so they can go to them with the good and bad. Here Ms. Ellithrope invited her mentees over to carve pumpkins


A little help from my friends

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Indian Lake Central School has a strong core of resource help from the Teaching Assistants. Here Ms. Schisler works with some third graders.


Every Rose has a Thorn October 29, 2007

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Mr. Dora has the music appreciation class learning a little guitar. The class is mostly seventh graders. They began by learning the different parts of a guitar and now are expanding to learning a song by the band Poison.


Another Sectional Send-Off

This time the school sent off the boys to Johnsburg for a sectional game that the Indian Lake/Long Lake team won.


Art takes flight October 26, 2007

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Ms. Arsenault’s bulletin board — all the butterflies flying south for the winter.

Photo by Ms. Arsenault-Walker